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A global workforce for the 21st century
By 2018 in the United States, an estimated 75% of jobs will be middle- or high-skilled—with the majority of these requiring an education in STEM subjects. Other countries, from China to South Africa, are also facing a crisis in science and technology education.

The GSA’s world-class curricula, mentoring opportunities for students and scientists, and cloud-based learning platform ensure that a new generation of STEM leaders is prepared to meet the growing challenges of the global economy.

Its unique public-private partnership model helps its partners reach underserved communities, connecting the best and the brightest students and ideas with prominent scientists and mentors.

The GSA offers its partners the opportunity to align STEM education initiatives with a global, broad-based effort, offering visibility for strategic programs and raising organizational awareness.

Competing in the global economy depends on high-skilled, innovative workers who possess 21st century skills, are educated and trained in STEM, and represent global diversity. The GSA is addressing the challenges posed by today’s economy and social needs and producing a workforce prepared to meet them.