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As an effective learning strategy, active and inquiry-based learning is the most likely way to encourage students’ success and engagement in STEM. The Scientist-in-Residence Program matches scientists with teachers in K-12 public school classrooms to do authentic, hands-on scientific research—empowering teachers to teach their students the basics of long-term scientific investigations.

Currently in its second year, the program works with selected classrooms in New York City, matching science graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with cooperating teachers. The scientists act as expert “consultants” on the key elements of an inquiry-based research program: the scientific method, project design, and literature review.

The teacher-student pairs select research topics, which can range from water quality and heating and cooling systems to biofuels and urban gardens. They work together to develop long-term science investigation projects and science research programs for their classes over the course of the academic year.

The Scientists-in-Residence collaborate with their teacher to implement the project, supervise experiments, and support classroom instruction. The benefits extend to both: the scientists expand their teaching skills and gain exposure to teaching as a potential career, and teachers enhance their instructional knowledge and capacity to teach STEM.


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  • April 28, 2015

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