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Why and how are STEM education and the Global STEM Alliance important to you?

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STEM education and the Global STEM alliance are very important to me because they are preparing me for a successful future at a very young age. It is an opportunity most kids my age do not have. As part of the Bronx Task Force Robotics team, I am challenged academically. This allows me to work on my weakest abilities. I have a chance to develop life skills tools such as critical thinking, leadership, community building, and communication. Academically, it has helped me with advance research, presentations, and the ability to quantify numbers.

What did you enjoy about participating in Global STEM Alliance programming? How has Global STEM Alliance programming helped you?

As a participant in the Global STEM Alliance program, I was introduced to materials to which I was never exposed like computer programming. This caught my attention as a student because it gave me a chance to learn new content, like the idea of creating a robot program that could save lives.

I also enjoyed working with mentors from the New York Academy of Sciences. They taught me how to approach a hypothesis from a scientific point of view and learn how to research topics such as nanotechnology, cancer, natural disasters, transportation, and geriatrics. Topics like these have kept me motivated and engaged in the program.

If you could invent or discover one thing, what would it be?

I would like to invent a procedure that allows me to save lives as a pediatric doctor.

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